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Values Assemblies

As part of our school improvement plan last year, we discussed the importance of the values within our school environment and how we can ensure they have maximum impact on a daily basis. Starting September 2019, with each new value there will be a new charity link, which we will explore as a school. For example, September’s value of the month was Responsibility and the charity link was Water Aid. On the first week of the every month, the children will be introduced to both the new value and charity link. Throughout the rest of the month, the children will explore both, through different stimulus such as questions, pictures, videos or quotes.


As a school we also discussed the importance of mental well being. Good mental health allows children to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and ensure that they grew into well-rounded healthy adults. We also want to ensure our children achieve their full potential and this is supported by both their physical and mental well being. Therefore we have introduced the 5 Wells of Well being.  Each week the children (and teachers) are encouraged to fill a different well: (SPICE), Spiritual well, Physical well, Intellectual well, Creative well and Emotional well. For example: when we were filling our Spiritual well, you could see Year 5 outside watching the clouds, Year 2 doing some meditation in the classroom and Year 1 going on a mindful walk around the school.  

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