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The CREST Award

Children in Years 4 - 6 have the opportunity to achieve their CREST Superstar Award which is a national award allowing children to gain some hands-on science experience whilst exploring the world around them. The children develop their investigative and teamwork skills whilst carrying out a number of investigations and collecting stickers for their passports. Whilst the scheme is aimed at upper key stage 2 children, any keen Year 4s who have an interest are welcome to join (we like a challenge!) and children can always have a second go at their award if they would like later in their time at Pirbright.


Children who are ultra keen can always complete Take Away Activities, which are stored below, and have a go at bonus tasks at home. Mrs Dow loves to see these so please email any results, photos or write-ups to her at



Award Winners 2021/2022

Independent Variable: Hand sanitiser/soap; Dependent Variable: Amount of Mould!

Award Winners 2020

Questions for David Attenborough...

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