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The Pirbright Nurture Farm

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Please support our CROWDFUNDING page where we are hoping to raise funds to provide a range of reptiles at the Nurture Farm. For more information, please follow this link:  

We are very excited to be creating a Nurture Farm here at Pirbright school this year!


We are thrilled to have funding from the Guildford Lions and the Military Covenant Fund; and volunteer support from the Woking Community Matters Partnership Project.


This new resource will meet four key objectives:

  • to provide pastoral and social emotional support through structured programs of learning and animal-based therapy;
  • to create motivating and supportive opportunities for integration for our military community;
  • to further enrich our curriculum for our pupils;
  • to develop increased community links and wider community cohesion.


We have been so lucky to have numerous volunteers and resources from our school community to help the whole process run smoothly and we are aiming for it to be completed by April 2020. Then, we can look forward to the grand opening!


To find out more or to offer your support, please email us on 


We would like to thank the Army Training Centre, Alexandra Barracks, for purchasing Rabbit and Guinea Pig housing for our project! We have also received a generous donation from DixonSearle.

A special thanks also goes to Andy Fox of Albatross Carpentry for his time and expertise and John Jenny, Paul Lynch and Tony Ryan for their contribution to the building work.


In addition, there have many families who have given up their time on weekends and during the school breaks to contribute to the build. Their support has been invaluable!


These contributions make such a difference!


Look out for monthly updates on the Nurture Farm Newsletters below.


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