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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


We begin Year 4 with an historical study of the ancient civilisations in Greece and Rome. Our work in other subjects will make links to these topics, such as when we learn about the enduring influence of Greek and Roman language and architecture. In the second half of the year the focus shifts to Geography with an examination of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. The highlight of the year comes in March when the whole year group travels to Dorset for a three day residential trip to Hooke Court. For more information about the exciting topics that we will be covering during the year, have a look at the topic webs.

Year 4 - Home Learning

Year 4 Writing Checklist

Ancient Greece Day - 2018

What a fantastic day we all had last Tuesday when the whole of Year 4 went back in time to Ancient Greece! We began the day with a look at their language and had a go at writing our names and coded messages using the Greek alphabet. Next, we learnt all about the many contributions that the Greeks made to the world of mathematics - even though they didn't have any way to show zero! After break we all got a bit more creative and used our knowledge of classical architecture to create Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. The main activity in the afternoon was our ancient Olympic games (Pirbright style!). Each of the school houses represented an ancient Greek city-state at a variety of events including discus, javelin, shot put and chariot racing! Congratulations to Sparta (Delphinus) who were our champions! The day was rounded of with a fantastic meze feast of Greek specialities. 

4SF Class Assembly - June 2017

Sign of the Seahorse- Graeme Base, World Book Day Big Art

Sign of the Seahorse- Graeme Base, World Book Day Big Art  1

Year 4 Age Related Expectations