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Bedtime Stories

Here you will find a selection of stories, poems, chapters of books read by some of the adults at Pirbright for you to listen to anytime you would like! Perhaps you need something to send you off to sleep, are in the car and need something to keep you entertained or are just looking for something to brighten your day! We've only just started recording them so there will be lots more to come soon! 

Mr Smith - The Twits - Part 1.mp3

Mr Smith - The Twits - Part 2.mp3

Mr Smith - The Twits - Part 3.mp3

Mr Smith - The Twits - Part 4.mp3

Mr Smith - The Twits - Part 5.mp3

Mrs Ewington - Secret Agent Jack Stalwart - The Caper of the Crown Jewels Great Britain - Elizabeth Singer Hunt.mp3

Mrs Ewington - My teacher wasn’t half as nice as yours - Roald Dahl.mp3

Mrs Brunskill - A Poem.mp3

Mrs Everard - Monkey Puzzle.mp3

Mrs Everard - Whatever Next!.mp3

Miss Currie - Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty.mp3

Miss Currie - That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell.mp3

Miss Casey - Peace at Last.mp3

Mrs Hargrave - Trixie the Witch’s Cat by Nick Butterworth.mp3

Mrs Hargrave - One Ted Falls Out of Bed by Julia Donaldson.mp3

Mrs Lynch - Schnitzel Von Krumm Dogs Never Climb Trees.mp3

Mrs Lynch - The Great Dog Bottom Swap.mp3

Mrs Lynch - The Mummy Shop.mp3

Mrs Waterer - Don’t Call Me Sweet.mp3

Ms Jackson - There’s a Dragon in your book by Tom Fletcher.mp3

Miss Bartholomew - The-Secret-Lake-chapter-1.mp3

Miss Bartholomew - The-Secret-Lake-chapter-2.mp3

Mrs Matthew - The Worm That Wouldn’t Wiggle .mp3

Mr Fuller - The Snow Queen.mp3

Mrs Rocknean - The Owl Babies.mp3

Mrs Pinnegar - The Night Pirates.mp3

Mr Fuller - The Little Mermaid.mp3

Mrs Young - The Gruffalo's Child - Julia Donaldson.mp3

Mrs Lynch - The Great Pet Sale.mp3

Mr Fuller - The Frog Prince.mp3

Ms Hills - The Day the Banana went BAD by Michelle Robinson & Tom Knight.mp3

Mrs Pinnegar - The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.mp3

Mrs Fuller - Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.mp3

Mrs Fuller - The Rainbow Fish.mp3

Miss Woods - Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field.mp3

Mrs Young - Little Miss Chatterbox.mp3

Mrs Alson - Jack & The Tinstalk.mp3

Mr Fuller - Heidi.mp3

Mr Fuller - Dinosaur Police by Sarah McIntyre.mp3

Mr Fuller - Beauty and the Beast.mp3

Mr Dutton - Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen.mp3

Mrs Wise - The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith.mp3

Mrs Gifford - A Little Bit Brave by Nicola Kinnear.mp3

Mrs Dow - Revolting Rhymes - Cinderella by Roald Dahl.mp3

Mrs Alston - The Pudding Like A Night on the Sea by Ann Cameron.mp3

Mrs Greer - The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright.mp3

Mrs Gifford - All Afloat on Noah's Boat by Tony Mitton.mp3

Mrs Gifford - The Lion Who Wanted to Love by Giles Andreae.mp3

Mr Dutton - Eddie and the Gerbils by Michael Rosen.mp3

Mr Dutton - Eddie and the Supermarket by Michael Rosen.mp3

Mr Dutton - Eddie In Bed by Michael Rosen.mp3

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