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Super 6

The Super 6 is the thread of learning skills which runs all the way from Reception to Year 6 and hopefully beyond! We know that amazing learners have the best attitudes and our Super 6 helps us to make sure we have the skills in place to be able to do our best learning. Learning is all about knowledge acquisition (and retention) and we need to be ready to welcome this new information and work really hard to ensure it has been embedded and can be called upon at a later date to support further learning. By focusing on our Super 6 skills, we can be the best learners as we are ready for the knowledge to come our way! By using the same six skills all the way through the school, we can build upon the language we use and make sure the children have maximum opportunities to work on them and be successful. The Super 6 should equip our young people for learning and challenges for the rest of their lives! 

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