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The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman by Ruby Braithwaite and Ella Muller

We got changed into comfy mufti and filed into the hall, which was extremely busy, and were put into groups and then headed with our leader to where we were stationed.

We started with activities sharing names and hobbies to get to know the others in our group. Our warm up was followed by a fun, but challenging, obstacle course which we flourished in but we were all ecstatic when they called a break and we were served a variety of biscuits. Then we started the main part of our jam packed fun afternoon; a dance including a bright, vibrant ribbon for each of us to use and enjoy. When we had finished the exhausting dance, we gathered on the grassy banks and watched each other’s accomplishments. The youngest group focused on an obstacle course which featured agility, strength and concentration. The year 1,2 amd 3 group flourished under the watchful eye of their eager audience showing a similar ribbon dance but slightly different in choreography.

The yr 4,5 and 6 used ribbons and teamwork putting in their own spin on it including: sass, confidence and excitement. We are glad to say The Greatest Showman was a success as we gathered around for delicious fish and chips.

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