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Pirbright Club Class (Before & After School Club)

Pirbright Club Class

“Learning at the speed of life and beyond”



Who are we?

We are a school that provides an amazing Pirbright experience to our extended services which we will be expanding in September 2018 to include wrap-around care. Pirbright Club Class will be run by Mrs Cannon, supported by Mrs Gurzynski, and will employ members of staff who are experts in their field. Their skill and ability in caring and nurturing Pirbright Village Primary School pupils is widely acknowledged amongst the school community. Making great use of the school’s wonderful facilities with a vast array of top quality resources, will allow children to have fun, to be inspired and to unwind after a busy day in the classroom. Pirbright Club Class will be run by the school, following the school’s ethos, ensuring that pupils never want to go home.



Who is the club for?

We will cater for all ages of Pirbright pupils from 4 years up to 11 years and aspire to achieve a special “family” feel to the club matched to the ethos of caring and respect upheld by the school as a whole. Our activities and facilities will offer something for everyone! Whilst many people may see the club as childcare provision initially, we aspire to create an environment in which the children wish to spend time - whether their parents are at work or not. We also want to have many children who come along for our special themed afternoons and additional activities which will cater for the whole school. The Breakfast Club will have a sport focus for four days a week, keeping pupils active and engaged and helping them to be ready for learning when the school day starts. Keep your eyes and ears open for letters and Parent Mail notifications telling you about exciting, upcoming events.


Where and when?

The Breakfast Club will run from 7.45am to 8.45 and operate every day the school is open. Parents’ need to accompany children into Breakfast club via the main school entrance, signing them in at the correct time. Pupils will access cereals and toast in the hall before having the chance to take part in a myriad of activities such as badminton, yoga, table tennis, badminton, circuits and much, much more.


The after school club (Club Class) will run from 3:15 pm to 6:00pm and operate every day that the school is open, apart from the last day of each term. Parents collect their children from the club via the door next to the nursery at the end of their session. If pupils are having fun outside, there will be a number to call to let the staff know you are ready to collect.


What do we do?

In conjunction with the Headteacher and Deputy, Club Class take responsibility for planning and organising activities, topic themes for each week and snack options. Theme-based activities include cookery, crafts, board games, reading, imaginary play, construction, music, sport and much more. Children will be offered many opportunities to explore and develop new interests and skills both inside and outside of the school environment and can choose the activities that appeal to them most. A snack and drink are provided each day but children can bring their own if you prefer. Snacks provided are not intended as a substitute for children’s main evening meal. Fresh drinking water will be available at all times. If you want your child to have a more substantial meal, then you can select a home-cooked meal, provided by the school’s caterer Principles. We recognise the importance of healthy nutrition for children delivered in a calm, friendly setting and hope that our new school caterer will be able to provide this.


How do I book childcare?

The booking system for Pirbright Club Class is beautifully simple!

  1. Complete the registration form (found on the school website or collected from the office).
  2. After successful registration, payment and booking via Tucasi will be enabled by the school office. Sign onto the website, pay and book your sessions!


No bookings can be made without a debit balance on account. Bookings can be made up to a year in advance and up to 2 days before the session day, if spaces are available. A session can be cancelled up to two school days before the session day via Tucasi. The club reserve the right to review booking activity and to suspend an account where frequent last minute cancellations are made.



The cost of each session will be:

Breakfast Club session: £4.50 (access to cereal and toast and sporting activity)

  1. School Club session: £12.50 (access to snack bar)
  1. School Club Session: £15.00 (dinner provided by Principles)


Child Care Vouchers

If you would like to use Child Care Vouchers in order to pay for your Pirbright Club Class sessions please fill out the section related to this on the registration form. Please see the list of child care voucher providers we are already registered with at the bottom of the page. 


If you have completed a form before the end of July then please email with the following information: 

  • Name of Child Care Voucher Provider
  • Parent account number
  • Parent name and Child name


Questions, queries or problems?

Mrs Cannon, Mr. Dutton and Mrs Dow are here to help.


Pop in to the club between 3:15-6:00pm to speak to a member of staff or email