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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is certainly full of highlights! We begin the academic year with an adventure around the world where we will explore the differences and similarities to the UK in terms of climate, currency and culture. In the Spring Term we will learn everything there is to know about dinosaurs! We will explore all the key vocabulary, learn about their environments and think about how time has changed since they ruled the world. Finally in the Summer Term, the children embark upon a Seaside study finding out about creatures and locations whilst developing their field study skills by getting out and about locally and even down to sunny (hopefully!) Little Hampton.


Miss Jackson, Mrs Gifford and Mrs Docis.

Year 2 Long Term Planning 2018-19

Theme Week - The Wright Brothers First Flight


As part of our curriculum week we covered the Wright Brothers and the First Flight. We investigated how objects have changed from the 1900s to present day, how aeroplanes have changed from the first flight and made our own paper aeroplanes. 


Below are a range of pictures from the week. 


Pop in to see our lovely display from Monday.


2HJ 1
2HJ 2
2HJ 3
2HJ 4
2HJ 5
2HJ 6
2HJ 7
2HJ 8
2HJ 9
2HJ 10
2HJ 11
2HJ 12


2GD 1
2GD 2
2GD 3
2GD 4
2GD 5
2GD 6
2GD 7
2GD 8
2GD 9
2GD 10
2GD 11
2GD 12
2GD 13
2GD 14
2GD 15
2GD 16
2GD 17
2GD 18

Year 2 End of Year Expectations (Learning Objectives)