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Art and Design

Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination.  It provides a wealth of experiences and a creative way of understanding and responding to the world.  At Pirbright Village Primary School we believe that Art and Design is a significant and valuable part of the curriculum. Pupils learn to communicate what they see, feel and think by exploring the visual, sensory and tactile qualities of art forms produced in different times and cultures. At Pirbright we enable the children to develop and extend these ideas by applying a variety of skills and techniques to different media to create their own images. It is through making these images that children learn about the real world around them.

The units covered by KS1 and KS2 are outlined below:


Year 1

Self Portraits

Animal Sculpture

Seasonal Painting

Year 2


Indian Art


Year 3

Environmental art

Artist study


Year 4

Talking Textiles



Year 5

Clay work and sculpture


Car design in the 20th century

Year 6

Wartime Art

The Maya

In the Style of....



Welcome to our Art & Design page.  Try out the links below to learn more about famous artists and be creative!