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Picture 1 Lynn Strathdee

I am really delighted to have been appointed as the new Chair of Governors at Pirbright Village Primary School. My husband Neil, my daughter Isla and I have lived in or near the village for over 10 years and we have always felt a strong connection to the school; Isla is a former pupil and had a very happy experience here.


I have a professional background in secondary education with a specific focus on Special Educational Needs and I am really looking forward to working with the Governing Body and Mr Dutton to support his strategic leadership of the school into this next exciting phase of its development.


I'd like to take this opportunity to underscore Gavin's thanks and best wishes to Saf Ismail for her amazing service as Chair for the last six and a half years. She has given so much of her valuable time, skills and experience to the school and has done a great job. Thank you Saf- we hope you're never too far away!


I hope to be a regular visitor to the school and to meet many of you in the coming months and years. Please do introduce yourselves and your children if we bump into each other!

Picture 1 Cheryl Marriott

I have been a parent governor at Pirbright Village Primary School since March 2012. I am fortunate enough to have had two sons educated Pirbright, my younger son is currently in Year 3 and my older son having spent all his primary years at Pirbright is now in Year 9 at Woking High School. During my term I have served on all three committees and am currently sitting on the Safeguarding and Children and Learning committees. I am the link governor for science and have recently become link governor for the SEND and Gifted, Able & Talented provisions.


I have found being a governor extremely rewarding as I find education and children’s development very interesting and I enjoy being part of how the school works. 

Picture 1 Helena Muller

I very recently (April 2015) joined the Governing Body as Parent Governor. Previous to that I was the FOPS Treasurer for two years. I also enjoyed coming in to school to help with reading in class, helping on school trips and have also been a FOPS Class Rep. Pirbright School provides a wonderful environment for a happy and well-balanced primary education. My two daughters (one in Year 3 and one in Year 1) are very happy at the school and actively pursue all that it has to offer. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and have many years experience in a number of different industries. I am hoping that my financial, analytical and organisation skills will bring benefit to the school and I am looking forward to contributing to the Resources Committee. I have lots to learn about the governor’s role and believe there will be a steep learning curve but I look forward to the challenge.  

Picture 1 Jane Lynch

First and foremost, I am Mum to my daughters in Reception and Year 2. In my former life, before having children, I worked for Children's Services helping to protect children. My role involved Direct Work with children and their families to help them make sense of the sometimes traumatic circumstances they were in.

I am passionate about safeguarding children and childhood. I am thrilled that my children attend a school that nurtures the whole child, not just their education. I hope my experience compliments this ethos, and serves me well in my duty as Parent Governor.

I was honoured to be elected as Parent Governor in November 2014 and endeavour to work hard for all our children out of respect and gratitude for those who voted for me.

Picture 1 Elaine Eason

Having recently retired I felt it was time to give back to the community, the school being one of the most important sectors!  We are investing in the future of our village by supporting the very high standard delivered by the dedicated staff at Pirbright School.

I have been a Parish Councillor for 4 years, take tremendous pride in our village and the unique opportunities it offers to people of all ages.  I am keen to help encourage pupils get involved in the many Pirbright activities and am extremely impressed by the enthusiastic way the dedicated staff achieve this on a regular basis!


My main career was as an Advertisement Manager in the newspaper industry during the 1970s, followed by a completely different experience when posted with my husband to the U.S.A.  There I worked in healthcare with a private consultant on the outskirts of Washington D.C; a wonderful opportunity coupled with a great education.


I have 5 grandchildren, 3 of whom are in Surrey schools and take a keen interest in present day education through them, sometimes comparing it to mine in a 1960s Kent Grammar School.  My own 3 children spent 5 years in the American system, the eldest going on to college near Atlanta Georgia; interesting comparisons to be made and possibly a different way of thinking.  

Picture 1 Sophie Budgen

I have two children at Pirbright Tabitha in year 3 and Teddy in year 1. When we first joined Pirbright I was overwhelmed by the amazing opportunities our children experience.  Listening to friends and colleagues talk about their children's schools, I felt like I was constantly singing its praises, saying 'at Pirbright…".  I then sat back and thought: what can I give in return?


As a parent and a secondary school teacher with a specialism in the Arts, I thought I would understand some of the issues facing the school and might have something to offer as a governor. I am really pleased to have joined the Children & Learning Committee and am excited to be a Link Governor for the Early Years provision.  


I feel passionate about education and standards; having worked in Surrey schools for 15 years.  I believe all pupils have the right to learn in a positive, happy and loving environment and this is exactly what I have seen at Pirbright.


In my teaching role I am a Specialist Leader of Education, focusing on coaching, teacher training and mentoring as well as developing teaching and learning. 

Picture 1 Nicola Kenworthy

I have four children who went to Pirbright Village Primary School and all still have the fondest memories of their time there. We have lived in the village for 17 years and I feel privileged that I can be involved in the ongoing success of the school as a governor.


I am a Chartered Accountant and currently work in a local Secondary School as their Business Manager. This involves managing the finance of the school and all aspects of its day to day running.


This year I am on the Safeguarding committee which utilises the Health and Safety skills required in my job.

Picture 1 Gavin Dutton

I’ve taught for the past twelve years in a range of different Surrey schools, Infant, Junior & Primary. I’ve been involved with the governing body of my last three schools. I currently live in Chiddingfold, with my wife Michelle and cats Seth & Orla. As the headteacher of Pirbright I sit on all the committees. For me the role of the governing body is vital to the success of a school, the relationship between school and the governors needs to be one of challenge, support and recognition.  In my spare time I like to go to the theatre, read and watch sports.  

Picture 1 Luke Brinicombe

I started my time as site manager at Pirbright in 2012 and straight away began to take an interest in the ‘behind the scenes’ running of the school. The opportunity to become a staff governor arose and I was delighted to fill a roll on the safeguarding committee. A large portion of my role as site manager is the security and safety of the site. This ties in well with some of the responsibilities of the safeguarding committee, and places me perfectly to take an active role in our termly premises inspections.


As an ex pupil I have fond memories of school life at Pirbright, and am passionate about creating the same happy experience for our students as I had. Being a governor allows me to contribute to this in ways that I could not as a site manager alone.

Picture 1 Suzanna Woodhouse

I was co-opted onto the governing body in November 2015 and am delighted to have another opportunity to be part of the team of governors at Pirbright.  I really enjoyed the challenges of being a parent governor in the past and getting to know the school and staff “behind the scenes”.


I live in Pirbright with my husband and three children.  We have been in the village for about 12 years and I love the village community in which the school plays a major role.


Outside home, I am a Real Estate lawyer and I balance working part-time with looking after the family.  Before that I trained and worked as an MFL teacher and I have taught in secondary schools in County Durham and Berkshire.


I am really interested in education and the vital role it plays in educating and developing the next generations.  Pirbright, of course, is no exception and I will aim to do my best to play my part on the governing body and serve the great team and community within the school.  Within the governing body I sit on the Children & Learning Committee and the Pay Committee.

Picture 1 Julia Douetil

Thank you for inviting me to become a governor for Pirbright Village Primary school. I hope that I can make a worthwhile contribution to the life and success of the school, and I know I will learn a lot from being a part of it.


I work at the University College London Institute of Education but I have been a primary school teacher and a then teacher of teachers for almost 40 years. I lead Reading Recovery, a national programme for children who find reading and writing difficult. One thing I have learned is that no two children are the same, they all think and learn in slightly different ways and there is no one size fits all way of teaching.  But every child has gifts and talents and every child can learn, we just have to find the right way to teach them.  The key to that is the people around the child, their parents and family, who are their first teachers, and a committed and talented school staff who have plenty of opportunities to learn more about their craft.  


I live in Pirbright and like to be involved in local events like the Scarecrow day.  As a member of the church I sing in the Gospel Choir and ring the church bells (sorry about that).  I also edit the village newsletter, Perinews, and try to keep that pesky Yellow Rabbit in check, probably a hopeless task.


I'm looking forward to joining the team in the school, this role is new to me so I know I have lot to learn, and I hope you will bear with me.  I am especially looking forward to getting to know the children, their parents and their teachers over the next few months.