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Athena Schools Trust (MAT)

Statement: Notice of Intention to Consult to become an Academy within a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)


The Governing Body is proposing that the school becomes an academy and joins with a group of other local schools to form a Multi-Academy Trust called the Athena Schools Trust (AST).


A letter outlining the proposals has been sent to all parents, carers and other stakeholders. Formal consultation on the proposal will be held between March 5th and March 30th. During the period of consultation further information will be made available and there will be an opportunity to express views and to raise questions. A public meeting has been arranged for Monday 12th Monday at 7pm .


In considering conversion to academy status and forming a MAT the over-riding concern of governors is to ensure that our school continues to provide the best possible standard of education and care for our children.


  • The school will retain its character and will continue to look, feel and be the same as it is now with the same uniform, school name, school times, holiday pattern and admission policy.
  • The MAT organisation does not affect your choice of secondary school for your child.
  • The Headteacher and Governing Body will continue to lead our school on a daily basis as they do now, and parents will continue to be represented on the Governing Body.
  • The MAT arrangements will share some services across the schools which will help them be more efficient and make sure that funding is focused on teaching, learning and support for children.
  • Staff will be transferred to the MAT on existing terms and conditions, under TUPE regulations. We hope that the new opportunities afforded by the MAT will reassure and encourage staff that they remain a vital part of the school’s commitment to our children.


An academy is a state funded school that is run independently of the local authority. Funding is received directly from central government. It is government policy to encourage and support all schools to become academies by 2022, and for schools to organise themselves within groups. At the same time, local authorities are reducing the services that they have available to schools as their budgets are reduced.


Governors believe that academy status within Athena Schools Trust is the best way to support the school in continuing to develop and improve, and that working together within the Trust will bring benefits to teaching and learning which will contribute to children’s achievement.

FAQs on academies and the Athena Schools Trust are available below.


Gavin Dutton                             Lynn Strathdee

Headteacher                             Chair of Governors